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A Common Genetic Influence on Human Intensity Ratings of Sugars and High-Potency Sweeteners

Hwang, L. D., Zhu, G., Breslin, P. A., Reed, D. R., Martin, N. G., & Wright, M. J. (2015).

Assessing Variations in Areal Organization for the Intrinsic Brain: From Fingerprints to Reliability

Xu, T., Opitz, A., Craddock, R. C., Wright, M., Zuo, X. N., & Milham, M. (2016).

Common genetic variants influence human subcortical brain structures

Hibar, D.P., Stein, J.L., Renteria, M.E., Arias-Vasquez, A., Desrivières, S., Jahanshad, N., Toro, R., Wittfeld, K., Abramovic, L., Andersson, M., Aribisala, B.S., et al. (2015).

Distinct Genetic Influences on Cortical and Subcortical Brain Structures

Wen, W., Thalamuthu, A., Mather, K.A., Zhu, W., Jiang, J., de Micheaux, P.L., Wright, M.J., Ames, D. and Sachdev, P.S., (2016).

ENIGMA and the individual: Predicting factors that affect the brain in 35 countries worldwide

Thompson, P.M., Andreassen, O.A., Arias-Vasquez, A., Bearden, C.E., Boedhoe, P.S., Brouwer, R.M., Buckner, R.L., Buitelaar, J.K., Bulayeva, K.B., Cannon, D.M. and Cohen, R.A., (2015).

Genetic analysis of hyperemesis gravidarum reveals association with intracellular calcium release channel (RYR2)

Fejzo, M.S., Myhre, R., Colodro-Conde, L., MacGibbon, K.W., Sinsheimer, J.S., Reddy, M.P.L., Pajukanta, P., Nyholt, D.R., Wright, M.J., Martin, N.G. and Engel, S.M., (2017).

Genetic and environmental contributions to cognitive structure in Australian twins: A reappraisal

Loehlin, J. C., Hansell, N. K., Wright, M. J., & Martin, N. G. (2016).

Genetic Basis of a Cognitive Complexity Metric

Hansell, N.K., Halford, G.S., Andrews, G., Shum, D.H., Harris, S.E., Davies, G., Franic, S., Christoforou, A., Zietsch, B., Painter, J. and Medland, S.E., (2015).

Genetics and Brain Morphology

Strike, L. T., Couvy-Duchesne, B., Hansell, N. K., Cuellar-Partida, G., Medland, S. E., & Wright, M. J. (2015).

Genome-wide association study of working memory brain activation

Blokland, G.A., Wallace, A.K., Hansell, N.K., Thompson, P.M., Hickie, I.B., Montgomery, G.W., Martin, N.G., McMahon, K.L., de Zubicaray, G.I. and Wright, M.J., (2016).