Imagine Cerebral Palsy​

Imagine Cerebral Palsy

“Imagine Cerebral Palsy” Genome and Connectome Study – blood collection 2017-2018. This project was funded by the Research Foundation of Cerebral Palsy Alliance (Margie Wright (CI) with co-investigators Roslyn Boyd, Stephen Rose, Gai McMichael, and Michael Fahey). It builds on the PREDICT-CP Study (CI Roslyn Boyd), in which children with cerebral palsy have been recruited for brain imaging and assessment of motor and cognitive function. The current project allows collection of a blood sample from 240 families (child and both parents) and subsequent whole exome sequencing for a subset of 40 families. This study expands on prior work by combining whole exome sequencing and brain imaging to identify rare/unique, and potentially highly penetrant, genetic variants in child-parent trios, with the aim of providing biological insights into the disease mechanisms of cerebral palsy.